The Adventure Podcast Episode 101: How Do You Define ‘Clean’ Climbing?

April 7th, 2020

This week on The Adventure Podcast, co-hosts Dave Adlard and Kraig Becker discuss what it means for a climber to be "clean" and just where do you draw the line when it comes to using "performance enhancing drugs" in the mountains. Is bottled oxygen a PED? How about advancued gear? Before diving into that topic however, they also take a look at the latest Adventure News, with a Chinese team arriving on Everest and the end of a dubious 111-month long climate change record. Later, the boys take a look at some new gear, with Kraig reviewing the Lowa Alpine SL GTX mountaineering boots, while Dave shares his thoughts on the Wacaco Mini Presso NS camp coffeemaker.

Show Notes/Links:

The Quarantine Virtual Run 

Race Across America - Going virtual for 2020!

Alan Arnette Virtual Everest

Honeymooners Stranded in the Maldives

Gear Patrol Article on Mountaineering's Drug Problem

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