The Adventure Podcast Episode 105: Talking Travel with Adventurer and Podcaster Kit Parks

May 5th, 2020

This week on the podcast we welcome Kit Parks to the show. Kit is someone who discovered the joys of adventure travel at the age of 50 and has embraced it fully ever since. In the interview she talks about that experience, all the amazing places she's been, and more importantly, the great experiences and people she's met along the way. After falling in love with adventure travel, she has also launched two podcasts—Active Travel Adventures and the Adventure Travel Show—to share her passion with listeners. She's even gone so far as to put together a great primer for Adventure Podcast listeners on a variety of subjects, including how to train for adventure travel, how to save money both on and for travel, and an adventure travel guide. You can access and download that information for free here

Before Kit joins us on the show, Dave and Kraig have a rundown of the latest adventure news, with stories about China re-measuring the height of Everest once again, a man who is attempting to visit every country on the planet without using air travel, and an ocean rower who came up just short of setting a new age record. Later, the guys take a look at two new products, with Kraig reviewing the Goal Zero Nomad 50 solar panel, while Dave offers his thoughts on the Bison Rolling Grill.

Other Show Notes

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