The Adventure Podcast Episode 108: A Chat with Adventure Filmmakers Erik Nachtrieb and Vivian Smith

May 26th, 2020

On this week's episode of The Adventure Podcast, Dave and Kraig welcome friends Erik Nachtrieb and Vivian Smith of 1iOpen Productions. Erik and Viv are adventure filmmakers, with their job taking them all over the world to shoot video footage and tell unique stories. We sit down for an interview with these two adventurers, who share stories from the road, what its like to live a globe trotting lifestyle, and how you can turn your dreams of adventure into a potential career. Check out Erik and Viv's work on their YouTube channel to get a better sense of what they do. 

Before getting to that interview, our intrepid hosts first bring us up to speed on the latest from the world of outdoor adventure and exploration. That begins with an update from the Himalaya, where the Everest North Side teams are still waiting for a summit window. The boys also take a look at a high profile ultra-race in Europe that was cancelled due to the coronavirus, and what that means for other big events still on the schedule for this year. Finally, they bring us news from Yellowstone National Park, where two days after reopening, a visitor was attacked by a bison. 

There is no regular gear segment this week, although Dave and Kraig do follow up on a product they saw at the January Outdoor Retailer show, which they gave an award out for, but couldn't talk about at the time. Now, that product—the new SEG42 duffel bag from Matador—is available, and they can share their thoughts on this innovative new travel bag at long last. Hint: It's awesome! 

Show Notes

1iOpen YouTube Channel

Lance Armstrong ESPN 30 For 30 Documentary Trailer


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