The Adventure Podcast Episode 111: The End of the Trail…For Now!

June 23rd, 2020

After taking a week off to catch up on some work and take a much-needed break, Dave and Kraig are back this week. Unfortunately, they bring news of a change in schedules that will disrupt the podcast schedule in the short term, so the show opens with an announcement that The Adventure Podcast is going on hiatus for the foreseeable future. Find out what that's all about in the intro. 

Later, the guys get back to the usual format, sharing Adventure News on a broad array of topics that includes outdoor industry heavyweights taking on Facebook, an update on Pacific Ocean Rower Angela Madsen's progress, and an explorer who has now gone from Earth's orbit, to the lowest place on the planet. Later, we round things out with some gear reviews, during which Dave shares his thoughts on the Big Agnes Copper Spur HV 3 tent, while Kraig takes a look at the BioLite FirePit

As this is the final podcast for awhile, we want to thank everyone for tuning in and showing us some support. It has been greatly appreciated on every level. We hope to be back with new episodes in the near future, so hold on for more to come. 


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The Adventure Podcast Episode 110: An Interview with Adventure Racing Legend Mike Kloser

June 9th, 2020

This week's guest is adventure racing legend Mike Kloser, who is one of the top adventure and endurance athletes of all time. Mike is a former mountain bike world champion and multi-time adventure racing world champ as well. Even though he is retired now, he still competes regularly in a number of events and even came back to take part in the new Eco-Challenge race that took place last fall. In the interview, Mike shares stories from throughout his career, tells us how he got started in adventure racing, and provides some insights on his friend Lance Armstrong too. We even discuss his latest venture, Out There Adventure Travel, which organizes cycling, mountain biking, and wellness trips to parts of Europe. This is just a small part of what we chat about, with a guy that both Dave and Kraig know very well.

Before we jump into the interview, our intrepid co-hosts get us up to speed on the latest happenings from the world of mountaineering, where it looks like things have mostly come to a standstill thanks to the virus. The guys also discuss a major archaeological find in Mexico that was discovered thanks to the breakthrough technology known as Lidar. Then, they share a couple of dream jobs for the outdoor crowd, including a chance to get paid $1000 to watch a hunting show or $20,000 to hike the Appalachian Trail as the "Chief Hiking Officer"for a brewery. 

Finally, they wrap things up in our Gear Segment with both Dave and Kraig sharing their thoughts on the VSSL survival kits. Dave recently got his hands on a VSSL First Aid Kit, while Kraig checks out the VSSL Camp Supplies model. Both come away very impressed with the design, build-quality, and contents of these impressive kits. 

Show Notes


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The Adventure Podcast Episode 109: Climbing Everest and K2 without Oxygen with Carla Perez

June 2nd, 2020

This week on The Adventure Podcast we welcome mountaineer and mountain guide Carla Perez to the show. Carla is one of the top high-altitude alpinists at the moment, having summited both Everest and K2 in the same year in 2019. Additionally, she has also climbed both of those mountains without the use of supplemental oxygen, putting her in a rare group indeed. Last summer, she traveled to Pakistan to take on the second highest peak in the world, along with Alpenglow Expedition's Adrian Ballinger. Now, the team has released an amazing film about that expedition entitled Breathtaking—K2: The Worlds Most Dangerous Mountain. In our interview, Carla tells us how she got started in climbing, why she gave up a luctrative career in the petroleum industry, and what it is like to climb the two tallest mountains on the planet. It is a wide-ranging, fun, inspiring, and fascinating chat. 

Before we jump into that interview however, Dave and Kraig get things started with a bit of Adventure News. This week, we learn about successful summits on Everest, an ocean rower who is socially distancing on the Pacific, and a historic launch from SpaceX and NASA. Later, the boys share their weekly Gear Picks, with Kraig offering some thoughts on the Deuter UP Sydney, the first urban backpack from that company, while Dave reviews the Ursack Major bear bag. 

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 108: A Chat with Adventure Filmmakers Erik Nachtrieb and Vivian Smith

May 26th, 2020

On this week's episode of The Adventure Podcast, Dave and Kraig welcome friends Erik Nachtrieb and Vivian Smith of 1iOpen Productions. Erik and Viv are adventure filmmakers, with their job taking them all over the world to shoot video footage and tell unique stories. We sit down for an interview with these two adventurers, who share stories from the road, what its like to live a globe trotting lifestyle, and how you can turn your dreams of adventure into a potential career. Check out Erik and Viv's work on their YouTube channel to get a better sense of what they do. 

Before getting to that interview, our intrepid hosts first bring us up to speed on the latest from the world of outdoor adventure and exploration. That begins with an update from the Himalaya, where the Everest North Side teams are still waiting for a summit window. The boys also take a look at a high profile ultra-race in Europe that was cancelled due to the coronavirus, and what that means for other big events still on the schedule for this year. Finally, they bring us news from Yellowstone National Park, where two days after reopening, a visitor was attacked by a bison. 

There is no regular gear segment this week, although Dave and Kraig do follow up on a product they saw at the January Outdoor Retailer show, which they gave an award out for, but couldn't talk about at the time. Now, that product—the new SEG42 duffel bag from Matador—is available, and they can share their thoughts on this innovative new travel bag at long last. Hint: It's awesome! 

Show Notes

1iOpen YouTube Channel

Lance Armstrong ESPN 30 For 30 Documentary Trailer


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The Adventure Podcast Episode 107: A Conversation with Explorer and Ultrarunner Ray Zahab

May 19th, 2020

This week on The Adventure Podcast we're joined by ultrarunner, explorer, and entrepreneur Ray Zahab, who regales us with tales of his numerous adventures. Over the course of his career, Ray has run across the Sahara Desert (Yes! All of it!), as well as the Atacama, Gobi, and Namib Deserts too. His travels have taken him across Death Valley on foot, over remote Baffin Island i the Canadian Arctic, to the South Pole, and beyond. This has given Ray a unique outlook on the training, planning, preparation, and logistics that go into creating a big expedition. Oh, and along the way, he has even found time to found impossible2Possible, an organization that educates young people through the use of adventure. 

Before we get into our conversation with Ray, Dave and Kraig first take a look at the latest adventure news, including updates from Everest, an examination of the outlook of the summer climbing season in the Karakoram, and a team of adaptive adventure athletes who are attempting to travel from the lowest to the highest point on each continent. Later, the boys also review some new products, with Kraig taking a look at the updated Yeti Roadie 24 hard cooler, while Dave's daughter offers dad some thoughts on her Keen Targhee hiking shoes. Meanwhile, Dave follows up with some thoughts on the adidas Parlay hiking shoes as well. 

As always, thanks for listening. 

Show Notes and Links

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 106: An Interview with the Ultramarathon Man Dean Karnazes

May 12th, 2020

On this week's episode we welcome the ultramarathon man himself, Dean Karnazes to the show. Dean regales with stories from his illustrious running career, with includes discovering his love for the sport after running for 30+ miles on his 30th birthday. He also talks about competing in the Badwater Ultra, running across the Atacama Desert in South America, and provides a history lesson about the first ultramarathon from Greek history. Smart, funny, self-deprecating, and incredibly charming, it is easy to see how Dean helped bring ultrarunning more into the mainstream. We're lucky to have him as a guest. 

Before jumping into our interview, Dave and Kraig first share some Adventure News with an update on the current status of the climbing season on Everest, a story about an ocean rower who is training for 12-days straight in his garage, and a crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in floating cars that took place 20 year ago. Later, as part of their weekly Gear Picks segment, Dave reviews the Mountainsmith Slingback camp chair, while Kraig offers his thoughts on the Lander Kiva headlamp. 

Show Notes:

Books By Dean Karnazes on Amazon:

Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner
Run!: 26.2 Stories of Blisters and Bliss
50/50: Secrets I Learned Running 50 Maratons in 50 Days
The Road to Sparta

YouTube Video: Ultramarathon Man: 50 marathons in 50 states, in 50 days

Watch Ocean Rower Phil Kite train in his garage

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a floating car

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 105: Talking Travel with Adventurer and Podcaster Kit Parks

May 5th, 2020

This week on the podcast we welcome Kit Parks to the show. Kit is someone who discovered the joys of adventure travel at the age of 50 and has embraced it fully ever since. In the interview she talks about that experience, all the amazing places she's been, and more importantly, the great experiences and people she's met along the way. After falling in love with adventure travel, she has also launched two podcasts—Active Travel Adventures and the Adventure Travel Show—to share her passion with listeners. She's even gone so far as to put together a great primer for Adventure Podcast listeners on a variety of subjects, including how to train for adventure travel, how to save money both on and for travel, and an adventure travel guide. You can access and download that information for free here

Before Kit joins us on the show, Dave and Kraig have a rundown of the latest adventure news, with stories about China re-measuring the height of Everest once again, a man who is attempting to visit every country on the planet without using air travel, and an ocean rower who came up just short of setting a new age record. Later, the guys take a look at two new products, with Kraig reviewing the Goal Zero Nomad 50 solar panel, while Dave offers his thoughts on the Bison Rolling Grill.

Other Show Notes

Watch The Last Dance on ESPN/Netflix


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The Adventure Podcast Episode 104: An Interview with Ultrarunner and Adventure Athlete Grant Maughan

April 28th, 2020

This week on The Adventure Podcast we're joined by our guest Grant Maughan. Grant is an ultrarunner and adventure athlete who didn't even take up running until he turned 47. Now, he's nearly ten years later, he has competed in some of the toughest races in the world, including the Badwater Ultra, the Marathon des Sables, the Iditarod Invitational, and many more. This inspiring athlete tells us how he took up the sport, what drives him forward, and what its like to climb Mt. Everest. 

Before chatting with Grant, Dave and Kraig first bring us the latest adventure news, including stories about 5G wireless service coming to Everest, a the first North American ski resort to reopen in the age of the coronavirus, and an impressive archaeological find in Norway. Later, they also share their weekly gear picks, with Dave offering his thoughts on the 686 Multi Gore-Tex Paclite jacket and Kraig reviewing the Goal Zero Yeti 500X portable power station

Show Notes:

4K Live webcam from Everest

Norway's treasure trove artifacts

Thanks for tuning in!

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 103: An Interview with Adventure Athlete Rebecca Rusch

April 21st, 2020

This week on The Adventure Podcast, we welcome adventure athlete Rebecca Rusch to the show. Rebecca has been one of the most outstanding and inspiring personalities in the adventure space for years, starting as a world-class adventure racer, before turning her attention solely to mountain biking. Since then, her career has only continued to impress as she has ridden her bike up and down Mt. Kilimanjaro, taken part in some of the biggest mountain bike races in the world, and proceed an Emmy-award winning documentary of her ride along the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam called Blood Road, which you can watch for free here. In the interview, Rebecca tells us about her recent foray into the Iditarod Trail Challenge in Alaska, while also telling us about her nonprofit organization the Be Good Foundation and her Rusch Academy. This was our longest interview yet, but there was still so much we could have talked about. We hope you enjoy it. 

In our weekly Adventure News segment, Dave and Kraig talk about the world' first "Everesting" triathlon, a hungry polar bear boarding a Russian fishing ship, and the COVID-19 coronavirus unfortunately making its way into the Amazon Rainforest. Later, Dave and Kraig share their Gear Picks, with Kraig offering thoughts on the Sherpa Adventure Gear Gurkhali pants made from Dyneema, while Dave discusses his new Yakima FullTilt bike rack

Show Notes
Find out more about Rebecca Rusch at her personal website
And be sure to watch Blood Road on the Red Bull website
Be Good Foundation
Rusch Academy

The Risk of Coronavirus to the Indigenous People of the Amazon

Everesting Triathlon 

Polar Bear Boards Russian Ship (With Photos!)

Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Sticher, and Spotify. And drop us a note on Facebook, Twitter, or email, with questions, comments, and suggestions. 

Thanks for listening! 

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 102: An Interview with Explorer and Adventurer Alice Morrison

April 14th, 2020

On this week's episode of The Adventure Podcast, Dave and Kraig sit down fro an amazing chat with professional explorer and adventurer Alice Morrison. Alice talks to the guys about her adventures across Northern Africa, what its like to cross the Sahara Desert on foot, and run an ultramarathon around Mt. Everest in Nepal. She also shares advice on how to start a career as a full-time adventurer, while offering a few interesting stories about unexpected mishaps when speaking a foreign langue. 

Before jumping into the interview with Alice, the boys first take a look at the latest Adventure News, with stories about a virtual trek to Everest Base Camp, a wild virtual ultramarathon, and the funniest warranty claims that customers have requested from REI. Later, in our weekly gear segment, they both offer a few reviews. Kraig tested a pair of Silencr pants and the Burr jacket from Kühl, while Dave shares his excitement over a crowdfunded ebike that he had just ordered called the FLX Babymker. (We can't make this stuff up!)

Show Notes:

Alice Morrison's Books on Amazon:
Dodging Elephants
Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure
Adventures in Morocco: From Souks to the Sahara

A Virtual Trek to Everest Base Camp

Adventure Journal: 19 Outrageous Warranty Claims to REI



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