The Adventure Podcast Episode 69: Apollo 11 - The Greatest Adventure in Human History?

July 16th, 2019

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, Dave and Kraig chat about this momentus event and whether or not it is the greatest adventure in the history of man. Before that, they share updates from the Karkoram climbing seaon, news about an ocean rower who spent 11 months at sea alone, and a 19-year old climber who free climbed a skyscraper in London. Later, they wrap up the show by sharing some new gear picks, with Kraig reviewing a rain jacket from Eddie Bauer, while Dave offers his wife's thoughts on ladies "innerware" from Branwyn.

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 68: Adventure Badass Kilian Jornet

July 9th, 2019

On this week's episod we induct ultrarunner, ski mountaineer, alpinist, and all-around outstianding athlete Kilian Jornet into our pantheon of adventure badasses. Dave and Kraig breakdown the reasons why he is worthy of that lable, but first they share updates from the mountaineering season in Pakistan, updates from the Tour de France, and an epic polar journey undertaken by an Arctic fox. In our gear segement, Kraig shares his thoughts on two solar panels for keeping your tech charged in the otudoors, while Dave takes a look at a great sleeping bag for kids from Big Agnes.

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 67: An Interview with Max Webster of Hastings Overland

July 2nd, 2019

We're back with an extra-long episode this week as the boys interview Max Webster of Hastings Overland, a company Kraig had the opportunity to travel with in British Columbia a few weeks back. Before that however, we share the latest adventure news with updates from K2 and the Karakoram, a record-setting day at the Western States 100 Ultra, and another climber accused of faking her Everest summit. Finally, we wrap things up with a look at all of the other gear that impressed at Outdoor Retailer.

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 66: The Best New Gear of Summer Outdoor Retailer 2019

June 25th, 2019

The boys are back from Denver and are eager to share all of the great new things they saw at the 2019 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. But before they reveal their top picks for the best new gear, they get us all caught up on the latest adventure news, including the start of the Karakroam climbing season, an impressive new speed record on Denali, and an overland expedition that is traveling 10,000 miles from Singapore to London.

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 65: Catching Up on the Latest Adventure News

June 16th, 2019

Kraig is flying solo on this episode, which is a bit shorter than usual but focuses on catching up on the latest in adventure news with more stories from the 2019 Everest climbing season, a young climber who takes on one of the most iconic routes in the world, and a 21-year old traveler who is the youngest to visit every country on Earth.

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 64: How Do We Make Everest Safer?

June 4th, 2019

The boys are back after a week hiatus to talk about all things exploration and outdoor adventure. The main topic this week springs from current headlines, with a focus on ways to make climbing Mt. Everest safer. But before we get to that, we start with the latest adventure news, including an update from the spring climbing season in the Himalaya, a new expedition to travel the length of the Mississippi River, and an odd story with The North Face, Wikipedia, and Google search results. Finally, we close out the show with our latest gear picks, with Kraig reviewing the new Suunto 5 GPS watch and Dave checking out a new smart helmet from Coros.

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 63: Trouble on Everest and Other Himalayan Peaks

May 21st, 2019

The boys are back with another episode of The Adventure Podcast, and this week they're taking a look at the causes that have led to a slew of recent deaths and injuries on Everest. But first, they startthings off with adventure news with updates on the Himalayan climbing season, an expedition to the depths of the ocean, and an impressive bike ride along a new trail in Arkansas. Later, they wrap things up with their weekly gear picks with Kraig reviewing an affordable eBike from Propella and Dave sharing his thoughts on a packable travel backpack from Matador.

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 62: All the Adventure News That’s Fit to Print…or Gab About!

May 14th, 2019

This past week has been a very busy one in the world of outdoor adventure, travel, and exploration. That has provided Dave and Kraig with lots to talk about, so rather than getting distracted with a main topic, they're chatting about everything that went down, including updates from the Himalaya, Fedor's attempt to row the Southern Ocean, and a cable car getting built on Kilimanjaro. They do share their weekly gear picks, with Kraig reviewing a pair of travel shoes from Pakems and Dave providing his thoughts on active jeans from Boulder Denim.

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 61: What Makes a Great Gear Shop?

May 7th, 2019

On this week's episode Dave and Kraig talk about the qualities that make a gear shop great while also calling out some of their favorite gear shops in the U.S. and even other parts of the world. But first, the boys bring us up to date on the latest news from the spring climbing season in the Himalaya, a new record for running 50 miles very fast, and Fedor Konyukhov's progress towards Cape Horn. Later, they also share their thoughts on new pieces of gear, including a compact and durable gear case from Pelican and new apparel from 686.

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 60: Training for the Uphill Athlete with Scott Johnston and Steve House

April 30th, 2019

This week we welcome mountain athletes Scott Johnston and Stave House ton The Adventure Podcast to talk about their new book Training for the Uphill Athlete. They not only share stories of their own adventures in the mountains, but also offer tips for being better, faster, more efficient athletes in the mountains. But first, we start things off with adventure news, including stores about a dramatic rescue in the Himalaya, and 8-year old kid who ran away to travel the world, and an exciting adventure scholarship for female explorers!

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