The Adventure Podcast Episode 82: Breaking Down Project Possible and Nims Purja’s Mountaineering Accomplishment

November 5th, 2019

In the wake of Nirmal "Nims" Purja's successful summit of Shishapangm, the record-setting climber has been called out for using bottled oxygen, fixed ropes, helicopters, and other items. Is this criticism warranted? Where does Nim's accomplishment fall in the ream of all-time mountaineering feats? We dicuss this and more this week. But first, we get caught up on the latest adventure news with a look at an epic Antarctic expedition about to get underway, a long-distance cycling speed record, and a climber who was banned from Nepal for an illegal climb. Later, Dave and Kraig share their thoughts on some gear, including a Bluetooth speaker from JBL and the long-awaited look at The North Face's Futurelight.

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 81: How to Properly Use Layers to Stay Warm in Winter

October 29th, 2019

This week, Dave and Kraig explore how to properly use base layers to stay warm in cold weather and winter activities. Having the right gear makes all the difference of course, but using those garments with one another in a smart way is also key. Before jumping into that topic, the boys first take a look at the latest Adventrue News, with an update on Nims Purja on Shishapangma, a nine-year old rock climber in Yosemite, and a man who sailed around North and South America, as well as Antarctica. This week's Gear Picks include a set of two-way radios from Midland and a comfy set of shoes from Merrell.

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 80: What are the Seven Summits?

October 22nd, 2019

On this week's episode of The Adventure Podcast we take a look at one of the most iconic feats in the world of outdoor adventure — The Seven Summits. We take a deep dive into the mountains that make up this list, the origins of the idea of the Seven Summits, and how they are still relevant even after hundreds of people have climbed them all. But before diving into that topic, we cover a wide range of Adventure News, including controversy surrounding Nike's high-tech marathon shoes, an update on Nims Purja on Shishapangma, and an $80,000 trip to the North Pole by blimp. Later, Dave and Kraig share their weekly gear picks, with Kraig offering his thoughts on a great travel pack from Cotopaxi, while Dave talks fleece-lined pants!

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 79: Adventure News, Gear Reviews, and a Visit to Jordan

October 15th, 2019

Dave and Kraig are back this week with a new episode of The Adventure Podcast. As usual, they start things off with Adventure News with the latest on the autumn climbing seaon in the Himalaya, a sub-two hour marathon, and the youngest female hiker ever on the Appalachian Trail. Next, we'll get the rundown on Kraig's recent visit to the country of Jordan, before the boys share their Gear Pick's for the week, which include an electronic language translator called Jarvisen and a retro-inspired backpack.

A special thanks to Korkers for sponsoring this week's show and for the entire month of October. 

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 78: Our Favorite Outdoor and Adventure Websites

October 1st, 2019

We often get asked where we find our information and news on big adventures taking place around the world, so this week we thought we'd share some of our favorite sources. Dave and Kraig offer up their top outdoor and adventure websties, so fire up your browsers. But first, the boys discuss the latest news from the fall cimbing season in the Himalaya, the start of a major polar expedition, and a Russian boat getting sunk by a walrus. Later, they also share their gear picks for the week with Dave offering his thoughts on some camp lighting products from Mpowered and Kraig reviewing a dry bag from Watershed Dry Bags.

Also, a BIG THANKS to Korkers for coming onboard as our first sponsor. Thanks you! 

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 77: Adventurers and Explorers You Should Know - Round 2!

September 24th, 2019

Dave and Kraig are back this week to share another list of their picks for explorers and adventurers you should know, with some of the top endurance athletes, climbers, mountaineers, and other people that should be on your radar. But before they break into that conversation they first offer the latest adventure news, including updates from the autumn climbing season in the Himalaya, a price increase for Everest permits, and a woman who swam across the English Channel four times in a row. Later, in the weekly gear segment, Kraig reviews a camp chair from Eagle's Nest Outfitters, while Dave shares his thoughts on the MSR Carbon Reflex tent. It's apacked episode to say the least!

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 76: Why We’re So Excited About the Return of Eco-Challenge

September 17th, 2019

On this week's episode of The Adventure Podcast, Dave and Kraig discuss the history of Eco-Challenge, it's place in the adventrue racing world, and why they are so excited that the race has returned after 17-year hiatus. First, they bring us up to date with the latest adventure news, including updates on expeditions heading to K2 this winter, a polar explroer who has come up with an unusual way to raise funds, and the unveiling of the all-new 2020 Land Rover Defender. Finally, the boys share some thoughts on some gear they're using, including a new pair of shoes from Hoka One One and a handy strap for hanging things at the campsite.

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 75: Adventure News and Gear Reviews

September 10th, 2019

We're back after a two-week layoff due to the Labor Day holiday here in the U.S. While we were away, lots of news broke acros the outdoor and adventure community with stories such as a major polar expedition to the North Pole, a transgender climber going for the Seven Summits, and the return of Kilian Jornet to Mt. Everest. We'll discuss these stories and a whole lot more, before wrapping things up with some gear news and reviews, including a new backpack from Pacsafe and adventure travel shirts from Black Diamond and Marmot

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 74: Gear, Adventure News, and a Post-Safari Debrief

August 27th, 2019

We're back on the air this week as Kraig returns from Africa and gives us a complete rundown on his safari and visit to Zanzibar (Yes, it's a real place!) But first, we run down some adventure news, including potential new regulations for climbing Everest and a pait of septegenarians who provide some great inspiraiton. Finally, the boys wrap things up with gear reviews with Kraig sharing accolades for the humble and handy Buff, while Dave humble-brags about his sweet new mountain bike from Specialized.

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 73: Pre-Safari Adventure News and Gear Reviews

August 13th, 2019

As Kraig heads off to Africa for his long-anticipated safari, the boys get together one last time share the latest and adventure news and a few gear reviews. This week we revisit an Antarctic expedition controversy, ponder the possibility of Nims Purja making a winter ascent on K2, and catch up on some environmental news. Later, Dave shares an inexpensive kayak he bought at and Kraig takes a look at the new Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD portable USB battery pack.

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