The Adventure Podcast Episode 95: An Interview with Korker’s CEO Brian Chaney

February 18th, 2020

On this week's episode of The Adventure Podcast we welcome Brian Chaney, the CEO of Korkers. Over the past couple of months, Korkers has helped sponsor the show and we are excited to have Brian on as guest. He talks with Kraig about a wide-range of topics, inclluding his background in the outdoor industry, his love of fly fishing, hwo the coronavirus is impacting the business, and his top travel adventures. As a reminder, Korkers is giving away ten free pairs of their ice cleats to podcast listners. Simply head over to, order a pair of the company's new ice cleats with the Boa fit system, and input the promo code "ADVENTUREPODCAST" at check out to be eligible to win. Good luck and thanks for listening!

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 94: What’s on Dave and Kraig’s Bucket Lists?

February 11th, 2020

On this week's show, Dave and Kraig share the top "bucket list" items that they want to complete before they "kick the bucket." As you might expect, that includes some very adventurous things, but not completely. There are a few items that just might surprise you. But before jumping into that list, they boys frist take a look at the latest Adventrue News, which includes major updates from the winter climbing teams, grim news from the Antarctica, and a novel way to stay in shape while dealing with coronavirus. Later, they also share this week's gear picks, with Kraig reviewing a pair of backpacks from a comopany called STNGR, while Dave offers some insights from the latest hiking shoe from adidas.

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 93: A Recap of the 2020 Winter Outdoor Retailer Gear Show

February 4th, 2020

Dave and Kraig are back from Winter Outdoor Retailer in Denver with plenty to share with listeners. The boys reveal their "Best of Show" award winners and other gear that caught their fancy, most of which will hit store shelves later this fall. Before that however, they get things started with Adventure News, sharing updates on the winter climbing scene in the Himalaya and Karakoram, a new altitude record set in a truck, and a major loss to the mountaineering community as a legend passes.

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Episode 92: 2020 Travel Trends and Destinations with Lee Thompson of Flash Pack

January 28th, 2020

This week we welcome Lee Thompson of Flash Pack back to the podcast to talk about emerging travel trends, the company's growth over the past few years, and hot new destinations for 2020. Before we jump into that interview however, Dave and Kraig catch listeners up on Adventure News with updates on the big winter climbing expeditions, an update on the ramifications of the fake rescue scam in Nepal, and a dog that has hiked all of Colorado's 14ers. As the boys get ready to head for Denver this week for the Outdoor Retailer convention, there are no gear picks to share. Stay tuned for plenty of gear news next week.

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 91: Sailing Around the World with Jim and Katie Thomsen

January 21st, 2020

This week we're joined by our friends Jim and Katie Thomsen, who have so many great stories and aventrues to share. Jim worked in the outdoor industry for years, running a number of big brands that you probably know and love. After he retired, he and his wife Katie decided to spend ten years sailing around the world. How did they get to that point and what was taht like? Check out our interview with them to find out. But first, we have updates on the rapidly comiing to a close Antarctic season, a 17-year old kid who made a major discovery for NASA, and the sudden end to a major winter climb. Later, we share our weekly Gear Picks, with Kraig reviewing the Arc'teryx Aerios boots and Dave sharing his thoughts on the Sherpa Jannu pants.

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 90: Talking Antarctic Travel with John McKeon of Polar Latitudes

January 14th, 2020

On this week's super-sized episode we welcome John McKeon of Polar Latitudes to the show. His company specializes in travel to Antarctica and he sits down with Dave and Kraig to discuss how you launch an Antarctic cruise company, what it's like to operate at the far end of the world, and how he came fall in love with that fargile, but beautiful place. Before that conversation, the boys talk about the latest adventure news with updates on the South Pole skiers, an epic rowing adventure across the Pacific, and the latest publicity stunt on Mt. Everest. Later, they share their weekly Gear Picks, with Kraig sharing his thoughts on the new Apple AirPods Pro and Dave reviewing Mountain Khakis pants.

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 89: The Top Adventures for 2020

January 7th, 2020

After taking some time off for the holidays, the boys are back this week with a new show. They get 2020 started by sharing the adventures, expeditions, and travel destinations they're most excited about in the year ahead, with some interesting things to keep an eye on in the New Year. But first, they get listeners updated on what's been happening the Antarctic, share some news on a team heading to K2 this winter, and revealt he status of Arctic explorers who have been stranded in the ice. Later, they share their latest gear picks, with Kraig offering his thoughts on the Arc'Teryx Stryka Hoody, while Dave reviews a pair of ski/snowboard goggles from Quiksilver.

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 88: Adventure Resolutions for 2020

December 23rd, 2019

We're ready to shut things down for a couple of week as we enjoy the holiday break and start of the new year with friends and family. But before we go, Kraig and Dave share their adventure and health-focused resolutions for 2020. Before they do that however, we spend a little time getting caught up on adventure news, with updates from the Antarctic, a pair of adventurers caught in the ice, and a surprising move from the Nepali government. This is the last show for 2019, happy holidays and see you the New Year!

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 87: 100 Countries, 100 Lessons Learned with Jonny Bealby

December 17th, 2019

This week we welcome writer, entrepreneur, rock singer, and world traveler Jonny Bealby of Wild Frontiers Travel to the Adventrue Podcast. We chat with Jonny about what inspired him to start a travel company, his side-gig as a rock singer, and the 100 lessons he learned from visiting 100 countires. Before that however, we catch up on the latest adventure news with updates on a winter climbing expedition to Everest, an attempt to row across the Drake Passage, and two Arctic explorers who still can't get home. Later, we share our weekly gear picks with Dave offering up a Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a Tiki lamp, while Kraig reviews the Vasque Coldspark Ultradry winter hiking boots.

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 86: Adventure Badass Sir Ranulph Fiennes

December 10th, 2019

On this week's episode we induct another member into our Adventure Badass Hall of Fame, with British explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes getting the nod. Before we run down the list of his accomplishments, we get updates from Mike Horn and Borge Ouslands polar traverse and we find out why Nims Purja is in hot water back in Nepal. Later, we share our gear picks for the week, with Dave recommending a backpack from Gecko, whiel Kraig shares shoe lights for night hiking and safer running.

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