The Adventure Podcast Episode 91: Sailing Around the World with Jim and Katie Thomsen

January 21st, 2020

This week we're joined by our friends Jim and Katie Thomsen, who have so many great stories and aventrues to share. Jim worked in the outdoor industry for years, running a number of big brands that you probably know and love. After he retired, he and his wife Katie decided to spend ten years sailing around the world. How did they get to that point and what was taht like? Check out our interview with them to find out. But first, we have updates on the rapidly comiing to a close Antarctic season, a 17-year old kid who made a major discovery for NASA, and the sudden end to a major winter climb. Later, we share our weekly Gear Picks, with Kraig reviewing the Arc'teryx Aerios boots and Dave sharing his thoughts on the Sherpa Jannu pants.

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